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Useful tips

Comfortable boarding

Capitan Morgan Srl does not provide "fast track" services and priority boarding on board its units. To avoid the crowds at the ports and in particularly crowded periods and time slots, it is also useful to obtain the tickets and boarding passes in advance (on the day of departure at least 30 'before boarding) and check with the assistance network of the Travel Agencies and accredited Tour Operators as well as with the Ticket Offices at the airports the actual location of the departure dock.

Access on board

Each passenger about to embark must necessarily wait for authorization to access the Unit from the on-board staff assigned to the gangway. It is required to observe a proper safety distance from it to avoid the risk that the wave motion, despite having a firm and safe mooring, can move the access ramp and this can injure, injure, crush or otherwise cause damage to lower limbs. Normally a measure of 2 meters is to be considered a sufficient safety distance. Since travel tickets are not sold to an extent exceeding the capacity of the Units, it follows that there is space on board for everyone and that therefore held and crowds to secure a seat possibly deemed preferable for a more comfortable navigation are to be considered useless and dangerous.

In case of seasickness

If you think you are seasick, it might be useful to have some attention before getting on board and while sailing:
- Avoid boarding the units immediately after ingesting liquids (or perhaps drinking moderately);
- Eating floury foods such as bread and biscuits that can absorb a possible greater production of gastric juices caused by the sense of nausea;
- Stand aboard at the rear of the unit (aft) to reduce pitching;
- Sit facing in the "direction of travel";
- Do not read;
- Try to increase the ventilation, perhaps staying on the open decks, orient yourself in the "direction of travel" and breathe deeply.
There are also pills or chewing gums that help ward off these nausea: these are medicines and must be taken taking into account the "Warnings" contained in the sales packages.
The on-board personnel do not have any medicines intended for arbitrary sale and / or administration to passengers.
If you travel with animals, take care to systematically reassure the animal.

Exposure to sunlight during navigation

During navigation it is possible to remain on the open bridges of our. unity: at sea the sea breeze and the coolness dictated by staying outdoors often do not make the effect of exposure to sunlight fully perceptible, which during long voyages can cause burns. In this case, it is advisable to use protective creams, a hat, light and light clothing and even sunglasses in addition to properly taking care of hydration. Pay close attention to children.
If you travel with animals, make sure you can ensure proper hydration and placement in shady areas for the animals..


Most of the trips and connections offered by the Capitan Morgan Srl programming invite you to know and explore. It will be good then:
- Have comfortable walking shoes;
- Have a hat, sunglasses and clothing, perhaps in light colors, especially in the warmer months;
- Don't forget a k-way and an excursion umbrella;
- Have a bottle of water with you;
- Pay close attention to the times communicated by the crew for disembarking, re-boarding and docking points.
If you travel with animals, take care to bring bags and shovel, leash and muzzle with you.

Inside the halls of our units

The Capitan Morgan Srl units used on connections to Ventotene, Ponza, Capri, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Naples have air-conditioned lounges. It is therefore advisable, even in high season and with very hot outside temperatures, to have a sweater and a neck scarf with you.


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