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PRM Access

PRM Access

Passengers with Reduced Mobility are welcome aboard Captain Morgan's Units.

Person with Reduced Mobility (PRM) means a person who is unable to move easily or freely, or who requires assistance. Reservations and tickets are offered to PRMs under the same conditions as all other passengers. If PRMs are denied boarding, for safety reasons or for impossibility due to the design of the ship or the infrastructure, they can obtain reimbursement. It is the responsibility of the PMR to report in writing, at the time of booking or advance ticket purchase, their specific needs for accommodation, seating, services required or the need to transport medical devices. For any other type of assistance, PRMs must notify the carrier or terminal operator at least forty-eight hours in advance and present themselves at a designated place at the agreed time, in advance of the published boarding time.

If a carrier or terminal operator causes, through its own fault or negligence, the loss or damage of mobility equipment or other specific equipment used by persons with disabilities or persons with reduced mobility, it must offer those persons corresponding compensation. the replacement value of the equipment in question or, where applicable, the repair costs. Assistance to the PMR is ensured by the staff in charge. If the ship has been forewarned of the arrival of a PMR, the staff will arrange the necessary assistance for the smooth running of the trip, from the time of boarding to that of disembarking.

In case of emergency, the staff in charge helps the PMR to reach the meeting point and boarding points.

For blind passengers and / or passengers with wheelchairs, provided they are accompanied by an adult passenger paying the ordinary fare (or in any case the lowest fare to which he is entitled), dedicated fares are available, however, subject to presentation at the ticket offices and boarding of the correct documentation.

Access to the Units provides assistance to the passage on the gangway by the staff on board but please note that on the ship there are no dedicated toilets as well as lifts and elevators for access to different decks and therefore it is advisable to stay at the interior of the main hall.

In case of purchase of the "Capri complete" excursion which includes the Capitan Morgan maritime service and the combination with the guide service and transfers on Capri, it will be possible to report the specific type of passenger up to the time of departure in one of our ticket offices. that the bus carrier can be alerted at the destination that it will be able to provide a vehicle with a lifting platform (please note that specific areas or sites covered by the excursion may not always have the structures and infrastructures suitable for hosting PRMs).

To provide useful data, we indicate the dimensions (length / width) of each of the walkways of our Units:

Ischiamar III Length: 3,66 mt - Width: 1,28 mt
Ischiamar Length: 4,12 mt - Width: 0,96 mt
Freccia del Golfo Length: 4,30 mt - Width: 0,72 mt
Calypso Length: 4 mt - Width: 0,65 mt

Note: the measurements of the gangways do not take into account the different inclination of these relative to the docking point of the docks which may vary according to the Port, the mooring section currently intended for the unit, the height of the tide and the sea conditions.